Black summer truffle

Video -Five Things You Need to Know About Hunting for Summer Truffles

by 14/06/2021

Hunting for summer truffles is easier in many ways than winter truffling. However there are still a number of issues you need to consider. A little preparation is usually all you need to ensure that the hunt goes smoothly. This video runs through some of the areas where hunters may encounter difficulties and also gives […]

How to choose a good quality black summer truffle (tuber aestivum vittadini).

by 28/07/2020

Season and Price The black summer truffle is the least expensive of the truffles and its flavour is more delicate than that of the winter truffles. I would recommend waiting until mid-season before you buy one. Black summer truffles are at their peak around July and early August, the price usually drops around this time […]