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Video – Prince Philip, Truffle Pioneer

by 18/04/2021

Prince Philip’s passion for fine food and travel lead to a love affair with truffles. This spanned 7 decades and culminated in ground-breaking cultivation of black winter truffle orchards when the Duke was in his 90’s. He often used his privilege to gain knowledge from the experts and leaves behind an exciting legacy full of potential for the British Isles

Do not mistake this fungus for the precious white truffle

by 29/12/2020

What is it? The tuber magnatum pico (aka the Alba truffle, precious white truffle, white winter truffle) has a doppelganger. Meet the choiromyces meandriformis, in northern Europe it is known as choiromyces venosus. As it contains the Greek word ‘choiros,’ meaning swine, the fungus has acquired a third name – the pig truffle. They are […]