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We ship on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Please note, that orders placed from Thursday to Sunday will not leave until Monday.

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We are now hunting tuber magnatum pico (white winter truffle).

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Questions you might like to ask

  1. What is the difference between Class A, Class B and Class Extra truffles?

    Truffles are like diamonds, the larger the piece the more expensive it is. Also whole truffles cost more than truffles which broke as they were being unearthed.

    Class A truffles weigh between 20 and 99 grams, they are in perfect condition having been extracted from the earth in one whole piece.

    Class B comprises two kinds of truffle, whole truffles which are small in size ( under 20 grams ) and larger truffles which are broken or have been cut.

    Class Extra are whole truffles which weigh 100 grams or more. These can weigh up to 350 gr

  2. Why do truffles vary in price from week to week?

    Truffle prices are regulated by the truffle exchanges (Borsa) and will fluctuate depending on supply and demand. Supply may be low if it is a wet season and hunters cannot collect. Dry summers also lead to low yields and high prices. When truffles are in great demand eg at Christmas, prices tend to increase

  3. Can I order more than 2kg of fresh truffles?

    Yes, by contacting Julie (Sales) 

    or on 0044 7542 829983 

  4. How do I preserve fresh truffles?

    Wrap the fresh truffle in a natural fabric (cotton or linen towel can be used). At a pinch you can use tissue paper.
    Place in a dry, sealed container preferably a glass jar. Keep the container in the refrigerator (+2 to +5 C. degrees) avoiding the cooler areas of the fridge. Change the wrapping on a daily basis.

    Clean thoroughly using cold water and a soft brush before consuming.

  5. Why is my truffle wrapped in cloth?

    From the moment they are unearthed, truffles start to lose moisture. When you receive your truffle you will see that it has been wrapped in a piece of cotton fabric. The purpose of this is to absorb any moisture lost during transit. Remove the truffle from its wrapping as it may be slightly damp. Replace with fresh cloth or tissue paper/paper towel and store in a jar.

  6. Why did I receive a truffle that had not been washed?

    Truffles are cleaned and brushed before they are shipped. However they are not washed as a thin layer of earth helps to keep the truffle fresh. Truffles should only be washed immediately prior to consumption. They don’t like water.

  7. How fresh is my truffle?

    Fresh truffles are the best-tasting truffles and the only truffles worth paying for. Our truffles don't change hands and we don't buy truffles from anyone else. This means that our customers get their truffles directly from the hunter. Our aim is to get these truffles to you as quickly as possible and truffles dispatched from Monday to Thursday should be no more than a day old.

  8. What are the best days to order a truffle?

    Monday to Wednesday. If ordered before 11am GMT the morning's truffles will be in your kitchen by the following day.

  9. What happens if I am not satisfied with my truffle?

    In the unlikely event that there is a problem with your truffle, simply email or call us and let us know if you would rather we refund your purchase or replace your truffle.

  10. How has covid affected deliveries?

    Unfortunately the covid situation has lead to occasional delays with shipping and it is a good idea to take this into consideration when placing your order. DHL promise 24 hour delivery but there have been rare delays. This means that we are no longer sending truffles on a Thursday as there is a chance they get stranded in a depot over the weekend.

  11. How are truffles packaged?

    Truffles are sent in polystyrene packaging along with ice-packs. The truffles are wrapped in cotton to absorb the moisture that they will emit. In this way they will be fresh for up to 48 hours.

  12. A product appears out of stock. How long do I need to wait until it becomes available?

    First check that the truffle you wish to buy is in season. Sometimes truffles are in season and out of stock if it has been raining and hunting has not been possible. Also the season may end abruptly and prematurely. We do not stockpile our truffles and we only sell what we have hunted ourselves. It is possible to reserve a truffle by email or to call to find out what truffles were found that day.

With many thanks to all of our lovely truffle hunters

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