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How to look after your white truffle.

by 23/12/2020

These are the suggestions which we send to our customers when they have purchased a tuber magnatum (precious white truffle). They might be useful for anyone who is unsure what to do with a truffle they have received.

Thank you for buying one of our truffles. These truffles are the fruits of a lot of hard work from the hunters in our family and our team of dogs. Truffles are important to us and it is equally important to us that enjoy your purchase. To this aim we send truffles the same evening or the day after we find them. This way you know what you are buying and when the truffle will be at its prime. All the same, truffles gradually lose flavour from the moment they are unearthed so it is always advisable to serve them as soon possible.

How you store and serve truffles will also affect flavour so with that in mind, here are a few recommendations.

Once you receive your truffle remove from packaging and remove cloth/paper in which truffles are wrapped.

Replace with fresh paper and store wrapped truffle in a sealed jar in the fridge at 4 C. Freezing truffles will ruin them.

Don’t store with rice which will dry it out. Eggs are fine.

Truffles need to be kept dry so resist the temptation to wash immediately. Only wash the truffle before you serve it.

Sorry about the earth, that is left on to help keep the truffle fresh in transit. Remove by brushing truffle thoroughly under cold running water. Dry and shave.

Don’t cook the truffle. It should not be exposed to anything more than residual heat.

The marvellous thing about white truffles is that they already contain whatever you need, so keep your dish very simple – eggs, risotto, cream sauces, steak, that sort of thing. Let the truffle shine. And we hope that your meal is magnificent!

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