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Millionaire’s Breakfast – Truffled Scrambled Eggs on Toast.

by 11/02/2021

Simple is always the best way forward when it comes to enjoying a white truffle. Don’t start experimenting with a cupboard full of ingredients. Leave the spices on the shelf, salt and pepper only. What about herbs? Again I wouldn’t go messing around. You are eating a truffle, it’s a very powerful flavour and you don’t want other flavours challenging it.

The accompanying ingredients in the dish really just serve as a vehicle for the truffle given that you can’t bite into one like you would do with an apple. The complex flavour binds itself well to fats which means that scrambled eggs with cream or butter are ideal partners to the white winter truffle. Now scrambled eggs sounds a very dull way to serve such a rare, precious ingredient but trust me the dish is one of the best ways to serve the tuber magnatum and you won’t be disappointed.

Don’t wash the truffle until immediately before you serve it
Wrap the truffle in a paper towel or piece of cloth
Place at the bottom of a large jar and carefully sit 4 eggs on top
Close the jar with the lid and store in the fridge overnight
The next morning the eggs will be infused with the truffle aroma
A bain marie will ensure creamy scrambled eggs – it take longer but it is worth it
The ingredients – seasoning and butter (truffle butter if you have it)
Stir continually but gently until eggs begin to cook
When eggs have started to set add butter and seasoning to taste
Prepare some toast using the best bread you can find
Remove eggs from the heat when they are the desired creamy consistency
Plate up – this quantity will serve two- and shave truffle over eggs
Shave more truffle over your scrambled eggs
Serve with a cup of tea

So there you have it, one of the greatest ways to serve a white truffle and it is also the easiest. Amazing food does not need to be overcomplicated…

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