Pelagaggia is a family of two generations of ‘tartufai’ with over 30 years of experience searching for the precious white truffle found in Le Marche.

Five years ago we decided to take over the distribution of our truffles and now have personal control of every stage of the process from hunting through to the actual delivery. This means that the freshest possible truffles are delivered  ready for the table.


Our faithful team

The truffle dog and the cavatore work as a team, the cavatore can do nothing without his canine companion and every cavatore will have a favourite breed of dog which suits his own personality and hunting style. Our canine team consists of four breeds.

Wire-haired Pointers

Bruno and Birba

Wire-haired Pointers
Bruno and Birba are our two adult pointers and their pups are Cara and Rosa who will be a year old at the start of the 2019 season. The wire-haired pointer is great all-rounder it is a hardy dog with tremendous stamina. Their massive paws make them very efficient diggers and their thick coats help them to deal with the chilly, damp Italian autumns.

Italian (Bracco) Pointer

Billy and Zeppo

Italian (Bracch) Pointer
Long-limbed and athletic, the hunter needs to be extremely fit to work with our pointers Billy and Zeppo. They tend to hunt far and wide but are highly intelligent and return to the hunters to inform them of the truffle’s whereabouts. Our most passionate truffle hunters with boundless energy.

Springer Spaniels

Vito, Mina and Nero

English springer

Our three spaniels – Vito, Mina and Nero are slightly smaller but no less energetic. These dogs are incredibly communicative and have a special bond with the cavatore, they love to explore and are tireless, so the hunters need plenty of stamina to keep up with them. They have a very highly-developed sense of smell and can locate even the deepest, most precious white truffles.

Lagotto Romagnolo

Freddy and Gino

Our wonderful dogs Freddy and Gino are smart little Lagottos, the breed traditionally used by the cavatore, they have been bred for generations to sniff out the truffles and do have an incredible nose. They tend to stay close to the hunter so they are well-suited to beginners in the field of truffling or hunters who want to avoid a lot of running.