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Ready for the new season

by 16/08/2019

The white truffle season is almost upon us and even though it’s still far too hot here in Le Marche to be thinking about hunting there is a definite air of excitement.

I am booked and ready for my first three month stint in the UK and the dogs and hunters are raring to go. Last year’s pups are now 10 months old and will be making their debut at the end of September, Betty the wire-haired pointer has shown exceptional promise in her training over the summer. In fact Giovanni thinks she is the smartest young dog he has ever come across since he trained his first puppy back in 1989.

We’ve also had three new additions to the dog squad Ragnar, Lady and Ira.


16th September and the first day of truffling in Tuscany.

Zeppo is still young for a male truffle dog, he’s almost two years old. Despite his tender years, he has found his first white truffle and here he is enjoying the attention. He is now basking in his glory while eating his favourite dinner of rice and sausages. We are just about to enjoy a very special risotto and toast to the coming season.

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