Truffle News

Video – Your Dog Can Find Truffles

by 15/01/2022

In this video, Loki, a three month old Pointer learns how to find truffles. There are three stages to truffle training and in this first part we teach Loki how to sniff out truffles in the house. We use rewards to train the dog, these should be high value, something he or she particularly enjoys. […]

How to Train Your Puppy to Become a Truffle Hunting Dog

by 22/12/2021

Although you can certainly teach older dogs to find truffles, the early you begin training the better. I always try to get the young dog used to the smell of truffles very quickly. More importantly I want the connection between that smell and the reward of delicious food imprinted on the dog’s developing brain. This […]

How to Find the Precious White Truffle

by 09/10/2021

Here in Europe, new hunters tend to start out looking for black truffles. Once they achieve this, after their initial delight, their thoughts then quickly turn to the prize amongst truffle – the precious white winter or tuber magnatum. Novices are anxious to learn if their dog can locate the valuable white truffles given that […]

How to Make Truffle Oil With Real Truffles

by 19/07/2021

Having made two videos rubbishing commercial truffle oil, it is time to redress the balance and look at how to make a decent oil with real truffles. Be warned, if you are used to shop-bought oil with its enhanced flavour profile – the taste of homemade stuff is far more subtle. But also more fragrant, […]

Is All Truffle Oil Fake?

by 06/07/2021

In the 1990’s truffle oil was refered to by the industry as liquid gold. It was all ‘fake’ – simply olive oil flavoured with the chemical 2,4-dithiapentane, also known as formaldehyde dimethyl mercaptal. A spoonful of this synthetic aroma cost under 40 cents and this was enough to flavour a three-dollar bottle of olive oil. […]