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Video – How to Make Mushroom and White Truffle Risotto

by 19/10/2019

One of the classic ways to use a white truffle is to add it to a finished risotto. Truffles take an already delicious dish up several notches and this may be one of the best risottos you ever taste. For such an impressive meal it is surprisingly quick and easy. Try and get hold of a quality chicken stock and you are good to go. Allow around 8 gr of white truffle per serving - more if it's your birthday.
  1. Would love to make this but it must be really expensive!

    • This recipe is a good way to stretch out a white truffle so you could cook a really impressive meal for two with around 15 g. When truffles are plentiful like in 2018, that would translate to about 30 euros. So it’s not as wildly extravagant as you might have expected. This season, truffles are in short supply and so the same dish would cost around 45 euros, again it’s pricey but it would be an unforgettable meal.

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