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Video – The Continuing Search for New Truffle Areas

by 08/07/2022

It takes time to find new truffle areas. Sometimes you will stumble across them by chance but locating growing patches is usually the result of a strategy. This is ours.

1) Identify potential sites at home using maps to check altitude, tree type, soil, pH etc.

2) Visit these locations pre-season. Seeing places up close will give you more information on suitability as a truffle growth site.

3) Return to most likely looking spots during the season.

4) If you are unsuccessful, return later in the season. If you still have no luck, it might be a bad year. Go back the following season as areas will inexplicably take a break now and then.

5) If you are hunting summer truffles in warmer climates then you may have to move to higher altitudes as temperatures rise in July.

Note how persistence is key – to completely eliminate a site from your list of potential growing spots, you will need to return a few times during the season over the course of two or three years.

To make the search as enjoyable as possible, it helps if you go out intending to have a good time. On this trip we lit a fire after our day’s work was done and we grilled some truffle burgers over a wood fire. There was something about the setting that made those burgers particularly tasty – truffles eaten in the woods from which they were foraged, cooked on wood from the trees under which they had formed. That was a nice day.

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