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Video – Truffling Off-Season

by 21/04/2022

In the south of Europe, truffles grow pretty much all year apart from a break around mid-August to September. By then, the tuber aestivum has usually dried up and hunters are grateful for a rest before the most challenging hunt of the year begins – that of the precious white truffle.

In these off-season times we try to combine relaxing with truffle-related activities. There is important work to do. The number of truffle growing areas decreases annually. This means we are continually scouting for new places

Meanwhile, training high-standard truffle dogs takes years of work and practice.

In this video we attempt to deal with problems two of our dogs are exhibiting. Betty, the wire-haired pointer is too excitable and easily distracted. Tom, on the other end of the spectrum seems bored by the whole process.

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