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Video – Your Dog Can Find Truffles

by 15/01/2022

In this video, Loki, a three month old Pointer learns how to find truffles.

There are three stages to truffle training and in this first part we teach Loki how to sniff out truffles in the house.

We use rewards to train the dog, these should be high value, something he or she particularly enjoys. Sausages are our treat of choice and these are kept exclusively for these sessions. Don’t feed your dog before training, he will work harder for the snack.

As well as rewards, you will need the truffle scent. If you have a fresh truffle you can use this otherwise truffle oil will do the job just as well. Put a drop of truffle oil (the brand and the quality really don’t matter at all so you can use the cheapest generic fake black or white truffle oil) on something like a cotton wool ball, wrap the cotton wool in foil and pop it into an old sock. You will need to refresh this every day as the scent will start to wear off after some hours.

Divide the training into three steps – make sure the dog has fully mastered each step before you progress to the next. Some dogs learn more quickly than others, young puppies can be rather excitable and have difficulty focusing but they may learn more quickly than older dogs. Whatever the case, go slowly and be patient. You will also need to be enthusiastic, dogs respond well to your excitement and they should feel that the training is a game and not just any game but the most fun part of your day and your time together. When the dog loses interest it is best to stop the session. Try again later. Patience and repetition are key.

The next video in the series goes outside as the puppy learns to find truffles in a more natural and more challenging environment.

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